SDMO Kohler Diesel Silence 6000 A – Silent Diesel Generator


  • 5.2 kW 230 V Silent Diesel Generator
  • KOHLER® Diesel engine KD15-440
  • Sound level: 92 LwA/63 dB(A) @ 7 m
  • Electric starter
  • Hydrocarbon retention container
  • The 6000E Silent Diesel Generator runs for 23h at 75% autonomy on just one tank of fuel. 
  • Suggested use: perfect for supplying power on an urban work site


Silent Diesel generators for sale

Save more than £1500 when you buy a silent diesel generator with GF Genovate

Why buy a Silent Diesel Generator?

Most generators can be noisy and disruptive. With a Silent Diesel Generator you can have emergency or back up power without the nuisance of a noisy generator.

Also known as ‘standby generators’ or ‘back up generators,’ a Silent Diesel Generator acts as a safety net for when your power supply is interrupted.

You never know when you’re going to need back up power and lets be honest, power outages always seem to strike at the most inconvenient time.

Peace of mind

Nobody wants to deal with the cost and the headache of a power outage. A Silent Diesel Generator can give you peace of mind and keep you up-and-running when you need it.

Ready to go

With the addition of an automatic transfer switch, an SDMO Silent Diesel Generator is ready to provide power in less than 10 seconds in the event of an electrical supply interruption.


Security systems are one of the most frequent casualties of a power outage, often resulting in break-ins or theft. With a Silent Diesel Generator from Genovate you never have to worry about your security systems failing during an outage.


Our range of Silent Diesel Generators are designed and made in France by Kohler SDMO. When you buy a Silent Diesel Generator with Genovate you can trust it is produced by one of the most reputable names in power solutions worldwide, operating since 1920.


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