SDMO Technic 6500 A AVR APM202 (Electric) UK – Industrial Generator


  • 6.5 kW 230V petrol generator 
  • KOHLER® CH440E air-cooled industrial engine
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Electric starter with batteries without maintenance 
  • AVR – Automatic tension regulation
  • Connection interface equipped with an hour meter and APM 202 control unit 
  • The TECHNIC 6500 UK industrial generator runs for 6.9h at 75% autonomy on just one tank of fuel
  • Sound level: 97 LwA/69 dB(A) @ 7 m
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Industrial Petrol Generators For Sale

Save more than £2000 when you buy an industrial petrol generator from GF Genovate.

Why buy an industrial Generator?

Also known as ‘standby generators’ or ‘back up generators,’ an Industrial Generator acts as a safety net for when your power supply is interrupted or can supply you with power if your work area doesn’t have mains power.

You never know when you’re going to need back up power and lets be honest, power outages always seem to strike at the most inconvenient time.


Get your job done anywhere with the Technic 6500 A AVR APM202 generator.

Peace of mind

Nobody wants to deal with the cost and the headache of a power outage. An industrial generator can give you peace of mind and keep you up-and-running when you need it.


Our range of industrial generators are designed and made in France by Kohler SDMO. When you buy an industrial generator with Genovate you can trust it is produced by one of the most reputable names in power solutions worldwide, operating since 1920.



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